The ground floor of the school’s library (Joshuah Alabi library)


The first floor of the student centre.


In between  J.J Martey Block and the AstroTurf 


Central Administration( Room 14)


The first floor of the Law block



3rd floor J J Martey building 


Room 151, UPSA Main hostel (Hostel A)


First floor of the student center, The room opposite Access bank


At Access bank, UPSA Branch


Ground floor of the students center


Access Bank UPSA Branch


The first floor of the student centre, opposite the SRC office 


Central Administration( Room 14)



Admissions Office

Phone 1: 0303-937544

Phone 2: 0303-937542

Email: [email protected]

School of Graduate Studies

Phone 1: 0303-937547

Phone 2: 024-4570264

Email: [email protected]

Office of Doctoral Programmes

Phone 1: 026-2043555

Phone 2: 026-8222066

Email: [email protected]




Getting extra income to support your campus life means getting extra skill, with Traingh, there is no exception, within just 3month of IT Training, I am generating a stream of income from graphic design, video editing, and web development.


Asare Mavis


I Joined Traingh for an internship at level 200, after graduating from the university, I realized school teach only 10% of what you need on the job market and Organizations like Traingh offer more than 50% real-life practicals of what you need on the job market.


Mavis Ernam


When I heard Traingh was organizing Classes Excel, Tally and SPSS, I told myself why should I waste my time and enrolled in this, out of curiosity I joined, I would have regretted not joining as it contributes to 80% of my NSS work.


Danso Philip

Teacher , Pastor

Business is business until you realized business is a way of life. Getting a company to do all my graphics work in no time at any time of the day, was my topmost challenge. But for the last 4 years I have worked with Traingh, trust me, you will never disappoint your client as Traingh got your back 24/7



Doing my MBA was a bit challenging as I have to rely on friends for the technical part, after I enrolled in Traingh Excel master class for entrepreneurs, I have become a consultant to my friend, Akpe Traingh



Graphic Designer

The word IT sounds like death to me. initially, I hated to see a computer, I can’t imagine now setting up a graphics design studio and teaching my workers. Within 3month with Traingh, am now a pro


Paul Conatey

Developer, CEO-Conatey Studio Design
I joined Traingh as a student, completed as a facilitator and working with Traingh. When something is good, you take it hook, line, and sinker