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Getting extra income to support your campus life means getting extra skill, with Traingh, there is no exception, within just 3month of IT Training, I am generating a stream of income from graphic design, video editing, and web development.


Asare Mavis


I Joined Traingh for an internship at level 200, after graduating from the university, I realized school teach only 10% of what you need on the job market and Organizations like Traingh offer more than 50% real-life practicals of what you need on the job market.


Mavis Ernam


When I heard Traingh was organizing Classes Excel, Tally and SPSS, I told myself why should I waste my time and enrolled in this, out of curiosity I joined, I would have regretted not joining as it contributes to 80% of my NSS work.


Danso Philip

Teacher , Pastor

Business is business until you realized business is a way of life. Getting a company to do all my graphics work in no time at any time of the day, was my topmost challenge. But for the last 4 years I have worked with Traingh, trust me, you will never disappoint your client as Traingh got your back 24/7



Doing my MBA was a bit challenging as I have to rely on friends for the technical part, after I enrolled in Traingh Excel master class for entrepreneurs, I have become a consultant to my friend, Akpe Traingh



Graphic Designer

The word IT sounds like death to me. initially, I hated to see a computer, I can’t imagine now setting up a graphics design studio and teaching my workers. Within 3month with Traingh, am now a pro


Paul Conatey

Developer, CEO-Conatey Studio Design
I joined Traingh as a student, completed as a facilitator and working with Traingh. When something is good, you take it hook, line, and sinker

John Awuttey

CEO-Awetey Multimedia Hub

I have wasted soo much time and money in acquiring IT skills to start my business, After I enrolled in Traingh, from the training, advice, mentoring I now run my own business, and training others too, so little time to achieve all this.


Esther Narh

CEO-Eshar Creations

Meeting a coach who is down to earth, to have time for you and work on your project as his own was one of the difficult things to get. After my encounter with Traingh I now feel at home.


Helena Ayensu

Head of Marketing-BM

A waste is a waste we waste, as I say, wasting your time trying to do everything by yourself is a time we waste, why won’t you contact traingh to give them the task to save your time? I have saved myself good thing of organizing my business and now achieving growth


Esther Danso Mensah

CEO-Estacie ushering agency

As we take advice from our grandparent to success in life so do you need business guidance and advice from Traingh to achieve growth and triple your profit, my time with Traingh was never a waste.


Fosu Richard

CEO-GriinHeat LTD

If you want to get things done in no time and, well organized and accurately, then Triangh is the right company to work with. They are selfless and their pricing mechanism is moderate and very affordable




I had the opportunity to work for a company, but my IT skill was a threat, the company paid for me to enroll in Traingh, and now am the trainer for recruits. The best you can do is to learn from Traingh.




As a level 100 student in the university I was thinking of a new adventure of making money, I enrolled in Traingh Graphic design classes 2018, lo and behold I started getting a contract from then till now




I joined Traingh in 2019 and it has been resourceful, we are living in a competitive world and we all need to be good at one thing or the other in other to outwit our competitors, and Traingh has all it takes to give you that advantage.


Danso Abeam

CEO- RA Prime

“To save time and money, connect with Traingh”


Irene Bruce

Business Woman

Until you enrolled in a professional master class, all you will be learning in school are theories, Traingh made me understand Excel and its uses. Traingh has made it possible for me also to teach people to advance VBA in Excel


Isaac Boafo

Business man

Excel is not just plus and minus as people think, is a programing language on its own, before I enrolled I thought the same, but with Traingh I can now build complex management system in Excel


Edward Asirifi


In every set of business; getting information is the key, and the application of the information is the necessity proportionally right to the success of the business, and with Traingh, there are no exceptions, I had it to launch Trenostate


Oliva Awotwe


To start a business is to like schooling, without a proper foundation, there I nothing you can archive, to get the best school and well-endowed facilitator, then look no further than Traingh


Rhoda Arhin

CEO-Rhodahina ENT.

At a point, I felt like giving up on my idea, a friend guaranteed and paid for the forms to get business advice from Traingh, I doubted their capabilities, but now here I am recommending people.


Nana Boateng

CEO-Naboat Group

One of the greatest advantages is getting someone who knows the path to guide you, learning from experience and Traingh, I now run my Group of companies, Traingh Made the Naboat group dream a reality


Mariam Nurideen

CEO-Timberr Woodworks

I thought I knew it all until I enrolled in Traingh’s Idea validation. I was able to validate my idea before investing money in the right portfolio. Hadn’t it been for them, I would have spent a huge sum of the money developing product people would not patronize.



CEO-Grace K Kitchen

Starting a business is easy, but getting it right needs experts to guide you, and if you need that angel, then Traingh is the only place to get all the required guidance to elevate your business and with them, I have been able to triple my income. Traingh you are too good

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