The office of the women’s commission serves as a conduit for female students to connect with other female organizations both within and outside the university to exchange ideas and strategies on women’s concerns. The commission organizes female students at the university to take part in all SRC activities and programs, as well as programs and activities to meet the interests, concerns, and welfare of students at the institution, particularly female students. The office of the women’s commission is responsible for carrying out educational and capacity-building programs aimed at improving the academic and general well-being of the students. The commission additionally supports students in recognizing their potential as valuable assets who can progress society.


About Face of UPSA

The Programme, is an initiative designed to promote innovation and support student leadership and entrepreneurship at the University of Professional Studies, Accra (UPSA), under the Student
Representative Council (SRC). As part of the responsibilities of the Student Representative Council’s (SRC) Women’s Commissioner of the University of Professional Studies, every year a Face of UPSA pageant is Organized to provide business development training leadership and
talent grooming for the student to harness their potential. Participants in the initiative have the opportunity to exhibit their talents and ideas after a three-month intensive training, coaching and mentoring. For this reason, this program is being organized to help the students to achieve such milestones. This event is practical two-month training and grooming from Auditions, Projects, Contestants hangouts, Society Impact Day, tours, Grooming sessions, Quizzes, and Grand Finale. At the end of the program, two winners will be crowned as winners thus Mr. UPSA and Miss UPSA and will be supported to embark on their project.