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Online teaching gives you the luxury of comfort to impact your knowledge to thousands of people around the globe remotely. As it saves you quality time to do more research and saves you money on transportation.

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If you want to take part in this new learning revolution, becoming an online educator may be a great choice. Just like any traditional teaching position, an online educator must instruct students effectively in the designated subject matter.

They must convey relevant information efficiently and help students learn the best methods of inquiry in the subject area of the course.

The challenge is to do all of this online because in most cases you won’t meet a single student face-to-face. Our guide will give you a sense of what it takes to become an online educator, including the required education, likely income, and the pros and cons of this kind of work.
1.Creating a curriculum based on the best knowledge in the field

2. Teaching the material with online video lessons

3.Leading online discussions of the course material via forums and web chat

4. Responding to student comments and questions posted online

5.Evaluating student papers, projects, tests and other assessments Maintaining records on student progress/grades
Comfortable with technology
Imaginative about using online formats in new ways
Inquisitive, creative and curious
Passionate about connecting with students
Patient and resourceful
Organized and careful about time management
Devoted to learning
Attentive to details
A lover of reading
Excellent at oral and written communication
Highly knowledgeable in their subject area
Qualified with a degree in an education-related field, or a field related to the subject they teach